What’s A Blog? (Not for the Dummies)

What’s a blog?

I think it’s something like a garbage dump, or a junk yard and a clearing house for the mind, if you like.

You see, sometimes your mind is so cluttered with garbage you need to get rid of.

And who wants garbage?

Not many want it even if you give it away for free. Nobody listens to garbage! Nobody picks it up (well, only the garbage person does it – out of duty, and who will then have to dump it elsewhere).

Yet, you need to get rid of it or else your mind will be so hodge-podged that it’ll begin to rot and stink. So, a blog is a way to go. It helps you clear your mind, gets it organized, and saves you from an unnecessary madness.

It doesn’t matter whether someone is going to pick it up and actually uses it; it’s out there, not part of your system anymore. You can move on with your life with a lighter – and more organized – baggage. Life’s too short and has too many things to offer (see and do) that traveling light is always a way to go.

“But hey,” you said, “there are people out there who do blogging for real philantropical reasons! They genuinely want to share what they have, and they are not necessarily junks!”


But do they really do it out of philantropical motives?

Claiming to be philantropically driven for one’s act is one thing. Wanting to be in the spot light and gain commercial advantage is another.

Genuine is more often a pseudo-reason than not, though I must also admit that to differentiate what is and what is not genuine is not always easy. Reason: many things are both and located somewhere in between – a grey area of the continuum.

So, if a blog is not totally a garbage dump, it might easily be a junk yard, a clearing house, or a yard sale.

Every now and then people need to clear their house (and mind) from old, redundant, and unwanted things and get it cleaned and organized. A garbage dump is a choice. For a self-proclaimed philantropist, the church, a mosque, a temple, or a house of charity may be a way to go. And those with commercial mind, a junk yard, a clearing house, or a yard sale is always the option. Either ways, the first and foremost interest (and benefit) is on the giver: he/she needs to get his/her house (mind) cleared and organized. Whether or if others also get the benefits is of secondary importance.

That’s what I think.

I originally published this article at my other blog Life’s Small Notes.


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