‘Ngopi Doeloe’, Everyone?

The coffees may not be that good, nor are the selections of snacks it offers; even the music is – to my taste at least – detestable and a bit too loud for an ambiance background music. But the place is surely not lacking faithful customers. Many young people love it because it’s relatively inexpensive compared to that other ‘imported’ coffee parlor, and yet – for a fraction of the other’s price level – it could still offer a semblance of luxury, comfort, and proper amenities of the day for a hangout place: the cushy sofas, the cozy lighting and interior, the free internet access.

There! What more could one possibly ask for an affordable urban getaway?

I must admit that I did not care much of it before though. My acquaintance with it was quite accidental. It was a rainy day, and after a whole of late morning and early afternoon spent rummaging in the bookstore next door, I was just craving for a snack and probably a refreshing steaming hot coffee of sort.

I wouldn’t mind getting into that overpriced American coffee parlor across the street, but it was raining mercilessly outside. So I settled for this one that would not have unnecessarily subjected me to the wet torrential downpour. Just a few quick hops were all I needed before I was inside this cozy place.

Coffee and snack served, I was in no time burying myself in the books I just bought. And that’s the moment I got hooked with the place. It’ll forever stick in my urbanized memory: the cozy comfort of the sofa, the steaming fragrant aroma of the coffee, and the company of books. Everything felt perfect.

That, I think, is what’s called lifestyle, for an urbanized dude! In an increasingly hectic and stressful life pursuit, an urbanite needs a simple getaway that’ll help him escape from the complex and noisy existence out there.

All right, this is the clue: all this blubbering rumbles came out of my BlackBerry while I’m sitting on this sofa enjoying a cold sip of cappuccino and bites of crispy fried banana with chocolate pasta.

What a life!

Am I guilty for becoming a bit too hedonistic for this simple pleasure? Or am I just one of those restless urban dwellers on this planet who call this nothing more than just a lifestyle?

Eki Akhwan, reporting live from ‘Ngopi Doeloe’, a local coffee establishment on Purnawarman st. (And it’s beginning to downpour out there.)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


I wrote this essay on my BlackBerry and originally published it at LIFE’S SMALL NOTES.


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