I Don’t Like Wearing Shoes!

I don’t like wearing shoes. I only wear them when I have to and take them off as soon as I don’t have to.

I take my shoes off when I’m driving, wear sandals on the short walk between the parking lot and my office, and wear them only when I have to go to class or attend a meeting. In between, when I’m in my nice little cubicle, I take them off.

I prefer sandals to shoes when I go for a walk. They feel more comfortable and give more freedom to move (or not to move). Shoes feel stifling and hot. And in places where I have to take footwear off, sandals definitely give a significant time advantage. I don’t even have to bend to untie the strings. Just throw them off and I’m free to go.

As I don’t wear shoes that much, I naturally don’t like buying shoes. Just like the way I wear them, I buy them only when I have to. And that often means I don’t buy a new pair of shoes until the one I’m wearing wears off.

Sometimes this exasperates the people around me. More than one friends have commented at one time or another that other than the shoes I am wearing, I look okay (which is, I think, a way of saying that the shoes I’m wearing look terrible and make me look terrible).

I don’t feel uncomfortable with that kind of comments. I do feel uncomfortable wearing shoes for an extended time, no matter how comfortable or expensive they are.

My wife once bought me a very expensive pair of shoes. I think they are still the most expensive shoes I have, and remain the least used! I keep them on rack for occasions where I have to look presentable: wedding receptions, important meetings, stuff like that.

Perhaps my shoe habit has a lot to do with my peasantry background. My father didn’t wear shoes. The only times I remember he’d wear them were his children’s wedding and college graduation ceremonies. He loved his children too much not to wear shoes in those occasions.

Eki Akhwan, on angkot Kebon Kalapa-Ledeng from UPI campus to Double Steak on Jalan Jawa, 3 Nov 2010


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