Restless Quietude

[Disclaimer: This poem is posted in public space, but is not meant to be a public consumption! Only those who understand and can make proper connection to it are allowed to make love to it.] 🙂

Restless Quietude

And all is quiet now.
But peace is nowhere.
And the trees are bare.
And the birds, —
they have stopped singing!
And even the sun, —
it has dimmed and is whining – there in the corner of the sky,
begging not to be swollowed
by the night.

And I was there,
am here, but nowhere -–
not even on my own;
not even lost,
not even aware …
Because knowing was gone
when everything’s turned quiet, and dark;
and the trees, and birds, and the sun
are gone!

Restless is thus the soul
who knows not
hears not
sees light not –
and here and there, but nowhere.

I beg You –

Eki Akhwan
13 January 2012


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