450 WPD Challenge Revised!

A few hours ago, I posted a challenge to my fellow bloggers at BLOW UP!, a group of bloggers at the Indonesia University of Education in Bandung, of which I am a member. The challenge was to write a 450-word post everyday for the next 360 days.

Initially, the challenge was a new year resolution I had in mind for myself. I posted the challenge in the group’s Facebook’s page just to see if there was any other members who would be interested in the idea.

Four people responded to the post, but only one dared to take up the challenge. Those who declined did have their own  reasons. One of them said he was still concerned with the quality of his writing. Another said, he  could only write when the mood was right and the inspiration was there. And the third simply said that he did not think that the challenge was for him yet.

I understand their concerns. They made me rethink about the challenge. 450 words per day for those who take blogging as a hobby and who are still studying full-time in college may not be easy. It might not even be easy for me. I have a full-time job too: teaching.

And so, after a lot of considerations, I decided not to push forward with the challenge. I am afraid that such a challenge might take the joy off the blogging activity that they/we (myself included) have just begun to enjoy.

I think enjoyment is more important than setting a target or targets to achieve – at this stage at least. I believe that when one enjoys what he/she is doing, [they]* would learn best from the activity and will try to do [their] best. Writing and posting what one likes will have more educational value than forcing him/her to achieve a target and forget about what matters most to [them].

With this in mind, I revised the challenge. There will no minimum number of words to write or the number of posts we have to achieve by the end of the year. It’s simply write as many posts as you can about things that matter most to you AND write them well.



* English’s  ‘gender-ized’ third-singular-person pronouns tend to make things clumsy when a writer tries to be politically correct (not to appear  to be gender-biased) in [their] writing.  I don’t have this problem when I am writing in  Indonesian because it’s a gender-free language.


2 pemikiran pada “450 WPD Challenge Revised!

  1. Yeeaaah, dibebaskan lagi 🙂
    Saya mau nyobain 450 WPD challenge, tpi dipikir-pikir jadi agak tertekan karena gak semua postingan saya butuh kata sebanyak 450. Kebanyakan foto atau video. Tapi ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ kan :))

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