Personal Blog and Personal Blogging

Sometimes I forget that this blog is a personal blog, a blog in which I am supposed to write about something like an open diary – thus exhibiting and publishing my life as a person to the triple double-ues (world wide web) – or commentaries about things from my own very personal perspectives.

But writing an open diary and personal commentaries are not the things I always do here. I guess that’s because a person can be many things all at the same time. And as such, it may not just be the forgetting that makes me write and post things that don’t belong to those prescriptive categories.

A person is not only a body, a mind and soul, unified in a simple two-way relationship; he is also what is he is made of: his family, his upbringing, his experiences, his knowledge, his life motivations and goals, his religion, his job and profession, his membership in a culture and community or communities, and what he – as Althusser calls it – has been interpellated to be. In other words, a person is a complex being. There is never a singularity about him. A person is a plurality.

Thus, to blog a personal blog is also not a simple matter of sharing one’s life or views in their purest and unfiltered manner. There are always considerations that come from within the person himself – his inner construction – and from factors outside influencing what he wants or is willing to share.

I may share my day to day life experiences here. But can I totally be honest? Surely there must be some filters that I am imposing upon myself. As I can’t be naked with my body in public, I also need to wear clothes and garbs to cover the flaws of my ‘self’. Even if I am willing to do so (unclothing myself in public) – for some experimental reasons(?) – I am not sure if the society will let me do that. There are norms imposed upon me that whenever I break any of them, the sanctions are real and can be very severely punishing.

And then, do I not have some motivation or drive to be know as something or somebody with a particular image? Something from which I can reap benefits that will make it possible for me to stand out from/among the crowds?

Are there not any interests and causes that I want to support for some personal or political reasons?

Do I not have some moralistic considerations about the value and usefulness of what I say in public?

Blogging a personal blog indeed is not as simple as many of us would think. Even if there is a particular focus about what I want to share with my readers, there are still many questions I need to consider for one reason or another.

I think it should be easier and much simpler to manage a non-personal blog because there we can cover or hide ourselves in the cloak of the topic that we blog. There will be fewer questions and staring eyes to the person behind the words. Their attention will be less directed to the person than the content. And it is the content that will provide the defenses, the borders that delimit the self from the knowledge it purports to project.

I don’t know and still am not sure. What do you think?


2 pemikiran pada “Personal Blog and Personal Blogging

  1. indeed, it is easier to have a thematic weblog. we can put anything we know on the blog without being worried of anybody’s judge. since, it doesn’t have to do with us personally. but, on the other hand, it seems to be easier to have a personnal blog since we write what we experience. there is no right or wrong in it. and, to me, there will always be something people only keep for themselves. only God knows.

  2. All these years of blogging, I just simply say what I want to say. Yes there is a ‘personal filter’ about topic that can be blogged, but there are still lots of stuff that can be posted tho 😀

    I feel blogging is similar with chit chatting in many ways. When i can’t find anyone to chat about stuffs pops on my head or when i just simply want to say it to more people (there is a time when people keep asking me a particular topic. Instead of answering them one by one, i simply write a post and gave them the post’s link, nuff said :p ), i manifest it in form of blog post. That easy 🙂

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