Diary Entry – Feb 10, 2012

I did a few errands today. Early in the morning – well, not really early; it was 9-ish – I went to a money changer on Dago street to change my Sing Dollar bills into rupiahs. Then I went to the bank to deposit some of the money – keeping just enough to pay for my motorcycle tax and insurance that are due in a week’s time.

I arrived at West Bandung Area SAMSAT – the office where we pay our vehicle tax and insurance – just a few minutes after ten. The traffic was quite brisk – supposedly because it was off-peak hours.

I think the services they give have become better now. The procedures were transparent and the officers were quite friendly and helpful. My documents moved fast too, from one counter to another (there were three of them).

There was only a small problem. At the second counter, I was called and informed that I had to pay a higher percentage of tax for my motorcycle because according to their database I had two motorcycles. (The so called progressive tax is now in place, and beginning this year, anybody who has more than one motor vehicles have to pay more tax for their additional cars/motorcycles.) I told them that the first motorcycle was no longer in my possession. I traded it in with the motorcycle that I am currently using about a year ago. Apparently the current owner that motorcycle – who had probably bought it from the dealer – had not changed the name.

The officer asked me to go the first counter again and ask for a form in which I could officially report that I had sold my first motorcycle.

The process was brisk. In a matter of minutes all was done. I paid the tax and vehicle owner/rider life insurance – all for IDR 303,000 (about US$28), and off I went to a near by mosque for Friday prayer.

Nothing much happened for the rest of the day. Nothing that I’d like to report here.


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