Writing and Life Pace

As I’m moving along with this year’s resolution of writing at least a 450-word blog post per day, this question often comes up in my mind: “Does life pace have anything to do with your desire to write?”

The reason’s is pretty straight forward, really. The more things I have to do, the less time I will have to really think about – and write – a blog post. Sometimes I’m just too tired by the end of the day to even think about what to write, let alone write it. Writing is a ‘full-time’ effort: it takes time to brew an idea, an un-distracted concentration to put it into words that make sense, et cetera, et cetera.

January was quite easy. I could still keep up with the target because it was the semester break. I had more time catch up with some reading, which helped me a lot in generating ideas about what to write, and actually write without having to worry about job obligations. Now as speed is picking up with things to do at work, it is getting more challenging to even sit and hit the keyboard with a sure idea and undisturbed flow of words.

Writing this note, I hope, will remind me of my commitment and keep the engine running and not turn cold. Some writers say, words beget words. So they suggested that even when I am not sure about what to write, it will help if I just hit the keyboard and begin to write the first word (or few words). Others will follow.

So this is it. I’ve put down some words in between things that I have to do. I hope others will soon follow and flow as I walk about and make the day.

Time to hit the street and go to work now. See you later.


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