Sail On!

I can write anything in this blog, but I can’t. I don’t want to make it like an open sewer where I flush all that stinks that can come from words brewed in a clouded mind. I just can’t.

I want these pages to become a witness of all things that are good about me. I want them to be useful – and inspiring, whenever that is possible – because I believe I cannot leave behind bad things and hope to get a better life in the next one.

I’d rather not write – publicly that is – anything that comes from the dark corners of my mind. So, unless there is a sun shining, or a spring bubbling with clear and pure water there, I would not – I’d rather not – share anything.

People are trying to find comfort in others – their presence, their words; I would not darken their days with those of mine. This world is miserable enough a place without my miseries. I will take yours, if you wish; but I will not add mine.

Have a good night sleep, everyone. May the sun shine brightly tomorrow and may we see – always – a horizon of hopes and a will of resolute strength in the face of darkness and in the turmoils of a storm. Sail on! And rest assured that a ship made of virtues will  always take you to the land of bounty.



Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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