What Happens to A Blog When Its Author Dies?

Sometimes I wonder:

What happens to a blog when its author or owner dies?

Well, this is what I think:

If the blog is famous and attracts a lot of readers, the readers who like what he or she writes will most likely miss his or her posts. Those who have been offended or become ‘victims’ or unfavorable objects of his or her words will probably feel relieved.

But the blog — and all its contents — will still be there, ‘hovering’ in the world wide web and accessible to its visitors. The search engines will still recognize it as when its author was still alive. Unless, of course, he leaves a will in which he specifically asks his heirs to delete the blog when he dies and gives them the access password to enable them to do it.

The blog may also eventually die with its author when — upon the expiration of its  domain and hosting lease — nobody cares to extend them. However, if the blog is hosted on a blog service-provider and uses its sub-domain, it will probably live on until the provider ceases to exist.

Whichever the case, I think a blog — under ordinary circumstances — will live longer than its author.

Which leads the-blogger-me to think that:

Whatever I write or post in my blogs can and will someday become evidence that I once existed. My grand- and great- grand children or whoever it is interested in finding out about a man with this name will find it on their screens.

In which case, they might feel relieved, enlightened, inspired, proud … Or, downright dejected, horrified, or disgusted.

I don’t know. I am still alive now. All I want to do now is share, and — probably, deep down inside — also immortalize myself. (Wouldn’t that be nice to realize that your thoughts and soul live on after you’re gone? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re not just a mortal passer-by whose existence will soon be forgotten once you fade out of the screen or step down from the stage? Wouldn’t it be nice that your name will not be erased from the memories of those who once know you and those of posterity who might be linked to you in one way or another?)

OK, I think it’s time to put a full stop to the wandering mind — no, not dead yet, just a full stop to the sentence, not the whole book. I still want to write more, tomorrow.

Good night!




Satu pemikiran pada “What Happens to A Blog When Its Author Dies?

  1. wow, it’s true… Though, we are not in this world anymore. Our soul and thinking sre still alive in our writing. We can be famous, though we are not an actrees or an actor. 🙂

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