Do People Still Read?

Do people still read?

I am a bit skeptical about it. In a world inundated and besieged with ‘information’ and with the kind of lifestyle that is increasingly — maddeningly — more hectic, it is probably a life-saving act to not read (in the real sense of the word of truly engaging oneself in the act of absorbing the meanings of a text). People scan for information now; they don’t read, not anymore.

In the case of blogging, why then, do we bother writing long, wordy posts if in the end they will only become garbage littering the web?

I can only come up with one — yes, only one — satisfying answer to this: to make the authors feel good about themselves.

Admit it: writing a blog post is a self-gratifying act — an act of releasing one’s boiling energy inside; an act of self-deception in the belief that someone, somewhere will find the words interesting and actually read them, for meanings!

Excuse me, but that (the belief) is just a delusion. The illusionary ‘they’ only stay and read in your mind. Elsewhere they just leer and hop out of the page, probably as quickly as they find it. Or — if by some magical force or luck — they find your words attractive enough, they’ll probably scan through them. That’s all. They are simply too busy with their lives, and there are just too many things out there that demand their attention that they have to divide it — slice it — so thin that meanings and wholeness should be relegated to the bottom end of their priority.

Nevertheless, you still feel good about yourself — do you? And that’s more important than anything else, even if it means you are a loner in the crowd. You and your own petite world are interactive enough to give you a sense of being in the company of others — even if these ‘others’ are illusionary.

You and your words are friends enough to keep you — or both of you — company. Who cares about others? Isn’t it — in Dickinson’s words — “dreary to be somebody”? To be “public” and “To tell your name the livelong day”? Admirers are like a “bog”, she says — noisy (nosy?)  and demanding beyond humans to a celebrity.

So, keep blogging — keep writing — even if nobody reads it, even if it means deluding yourself. For it is a pleasure,  a remedy — a corrective measure to your point north –, a balancing act that keeps you ticking.

Good night everyone!



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