Midnight Prayer

Oh God —

My eyes are blind. I can’t see what lays ahead,
so please guide me with Your Eyes,
so that I may not stumble and founder into the abyss of hell
and stray onto the path of those who are damned.

I beg of You, oh God —

I put my soul in Your Hand,
the very Hand that has created it:
don’t let it shatter. Salvage it from ruin,
so that it may return to You in whole — pure and humble as when You created it.

I am bowing and prostrating before You, oh God —

Tears running down,
I know, only You can guide me,
save me, enlighten me,
uphold me and love me — like no others do.

I know You see me, hear me, and smiles upon me:
I am Your servant looking for You.


Eki Akhwan, 15 March 2012


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