What’s been done can’t be undone. It will always leave a mark, a trace that you can’t erase. Memories linger, longer than you ever can wonder.

I wish I could turn back the time and refrained from touching that Pandora Box; restrained myself from having too much curiosity. Now this page has become black, too dark with memories I can’t cope with.

Oh how I miss those days so white and pure with hopes, so innocent in the unknowing of the dark sides. I miss the you I knew then, the innocence radiating from our sincerity.

Now memories are all that remain. They’re there. But I can’t touch them, can’t embrace them the same way I did.

For a piece of time that was once there. For you that have been hurt. For me that has been hurt even more. For the longing of innocence I can’t ever hope to regain. I am sorry.


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