A Candle Light That I Am

A candle light, that’s probably what I am. I’ve been burning myself so that others may see in the dark, find their ways. Now I am small, and burned out, and others have found their ways. I will soon be gone, forgotten.

Go, free souls. Go! You have now found your ways in the light. You have seen what you need to see. Do good, because only good can keep the light, can keep you free.

I will soon be burned out. I have no more light to give. I will soon be gone — in this dark, and alone. But knowing you will never be in the dark again, knowing that my light will forever stay with you and being passed on to whoever you touch in your lives, I will rest in peace.

Loving you always,
*Your Teacher*


3 pemikiran pada “A Candle Light That I Am

  1. Really love your post, sir 🙂
    You’re one of my idol in teaching,
    And I still remember the time, speaking class, when you played backstreet boys- ‘more than that’, I was the one who guessed the title just from its intro..
    You inspired me so much, to do difference, for make it long lasting memory 😉
    Thank you so much 😉

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