I Am All Yours

I am all Yours, o God. All that’s in me is Yours — my soul, my body, my life, all the things I know, all the things I have: they are Yours. I am just the bearer, You are the true Owner.

Make good, o God, what You have lent me. Make them part of Your mercy upon me. Inspire me to do good in Your Name, so that Your Light and Love may shine upon all Your creatures, in heaven and on earth.

Have mercy upon me. Spell away all the darkness I have cast upon my soul, all stains I have indulged upon my body, all impurities and vanity I have worn with the knowledge You have bestowed upon me, all conceit I have unduly claimed upon the fortune You have loaned me.

I am Yours, o God. I am all Yours. All that’s in me is Yours. I am Your servant, You are my Master. I submit myself to You, to Your Will.



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