Silent, Please!

“Silent, please!” an unknown voice spoke from nowhere.
Everybody turned quiet.
“The words are about to speak,” it said.
“Listen to them, and let them take over.
They are the maker of worlds.
Yes, they are! They made you and me.
Listen to them, and let them remake you.
Once more.
And move you to perfection.
From nothing they have made you,
from the base they’re going to reshape you,
refine you, and uplift you to perfection.”

And so we waited. In silence.
Words …
Who can resist them?
Their power to silence us,
their power to make us speak.

Moments later, we heard.
We only knew they were coming.
We thought they were coming,
from behind us.
Then we were no sure.
Some of us thought, they must have been in front of us. Or,
probably, just probably,
they were right next to us —
on our left, on our right.
We were never sure.
But they were coming. We knew.
For then we began to speak.
In silence.
And understand.
In silence.
And we heard voices. Ours.
And the noises —
in silence.
Colors changed. We changed.
We were not what we’d used to be.
And the silence was broken,
until that voice — that unknown voice — spoke once more:
“Silent, please!
The words are about to speak.”
And we listened,
because we knew what would happen.


Eki Qushay Akhwan,
4 October 2012


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