The Quest for Destiny

Restlessness is brewing
like the discontent it is fueling.
I am not what I have been. Resolution has been at the brink.
Stronger and stronger has it been.
Surging, and surging, and surging ….
like the flood it is becoming.
The walls are collapsing.
Oh where and where it’s going to be flowing?
The quest and the longing,
for the torrent that’s gushing
from the mortal wounds it was carrying?

Will I be the zero I was once?
Will I be the hero that I will be?
Long was the road I’d traveled from eternity:
Will I not deliver?
Or be delivered
onto the pedestal of destiny?
Mute in silence
Never again to be heard,
Never again to be seen?
Or will I glow, once again,
like the Light I was once? — Forever!

Eki Qushay Akhwan
6 November 2012



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