Park n’ Walk at Last!


I haven’t seen this on-campus street in front of my office this empty for quite a long while. It’s wonderful to see it like this again — peaceful and walkable.

For seven years (?) since we moved into the new building, this street had turned from a quiet and walkable pathway into a madly overcrowded motorcycle parking lot. For seven years, it was becoming more and more difficult everyday to just pass through it.

This week, at last, the university has implemented a policy that I have been waiting for all those years: Park n’ Walk.

Now all motorcycles have to be parked in the designated areas near the northern gate — where the ‘Pentagon’, the garage, and the lecturers’ housing used to stand. From there, everybody has to walk to their buildings.

Bravo, Management!


7 pemikiran pada “Park n’ Walk at Last!

  1. As a pedestrian, I feel safer to walk around the campus now. Thus, this is a highly anticipated experience. But I still wonder whether the same policy can be implemented for cars also? It would be really nice then hehe

      1. Then hopefully, it can turn out to be a pedestrian-friendly city, someday 🙂 this city really needs to be more aware of pedestrians’ right.

    1. Unfortunately we haven’t seen much of it in our country, Fikri. But as more and more people realize how wonderful it is to have a pedestrian-friendly city and demand that it from the government, it will force the policy-makers to act upon it. Hopefully.

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