Heating or Hating?


Does it really say what it says?

It says “I HEAT YOU 4ever”. Does it mean to say “I HATE YOU 4ever”?

Looking at the place where it is printed — on the wall where some laundry lines are attached — HEAT is possible. You ‘heat’ the laundry under the sun so that it gets dry. After all, that’s how we do it here in the tropic. But forever?

It may just be a misspelling case. It may really mean to say “I HATE YOU 4ever”, which I think is more probable. English is not our language. But it is cool. Things said in English makes the sayer cool, though he or she may not really be proficient in the language. In fact, he or she may only know some words or phrases or sentences from a movie or a song. But cool it is to say a thing or two in English. Never mind the misspelling or mispronunciation. As long as it looks or sounds English, the reader or the hearer won’t know.

Found and snapped this on my photography walk yesterday. In a kampong of all places!

English  is a trully a world language, I suppose.


Satu pemikiran pada “Heating or Hating?

  1. I like the idea that it is not misspelled. The writer just like to say that the laundry line would be at your service to dry your clothes out 😀

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