Uang gue branak!


Kalo duit di dompet gue pade main kawin-kawinan, trus pade branak …. Asyiikkk kali yeee ….

(See! I don’t  only do serious stuff ….)


3 pemikiran pada “Uang gue branak!

  1. Ya, you are right. But I think it makes people stop fighting over money. No more capitalism and class/stratification based on economic. Which I think is great, like no more oppression over the low-class. On second thought, if fighting for money can give us better life, like giving us reason to keep fighting and never give up. I’m not sure about my first thought. Maybe fighting for money is good. Then, money would never be worthless. Ahh~ what a complicated thing money is. hhehe 😀

  2. If money could regenerate themselves, that would be great Sir. Because I’ve tried with the pentagram, spells, charms, blood and even Satan. They just sat still on the floor. No regeneration. Haha

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