A Travel Letter to Fellow Travelers

My friends,

I was born to travel all my life and never stop till I reach my Destination. We all are, I suppose, believe. For some of us the journey may be long, for some it may not be that long. Time is not of any consequence, for the Destination is the same. We sign up for it the day we were conceived. We signed the contract for it. The means matters more though. Some may take the fastest means there is — the jet planes perhaps?; some would take it more slowly — on foot, a horse-drawn carriage, a car, a train, or a ship. I think mine is somewhat fast: I’ve been to so many places, seen so much, experienced still so much more. And so I think, I feel, the Destination, for me, is so much closer now.

But no one ever knows for certain how closer the Destination is until he or she can see it on the horizon. I have yet to see it with clarity, but I can feel it — and sometimes see it come and go on my horizon — that it’s near. But who knows it might just be a mirage created by my own excitement or fear.

I know I won’t travel any second longer or shorter than what the contract has given me. But with the speed that I have been traveling, I think it will end soon, the Destination is within reach. I have become weaker, slower and less excited, less curious about what comes next. Perhaps these are the sign of it. That speed vehicle will probably leave me behind one of these days (for I have become too slow for other passengers to wait). I may have to walk the last leg of my journey, and what a mercy it would be if the Destination is not that far off. Otherwise I would be too lonely, too tired, too weak to tread it on my own.

My contemplation these days has been filled with some profound questions, reflections, of what I have learned from the journey, what treasures I have collected along the way and whether they have made me any wiser and better prepared for a settled life at the Destination, what traces, stories, and valuable legacy I have left behind that other travelers behind me could pick up and learn from. These are not easy questions to answer I found out partly because I still feel that I’m just an ordinary, a mediocre traveler at best. Perhaps they will find the answers for me when I am done and have reached and got settled in my new home at the Destination. Then of course I will have no way of knowing it for those who have not reached the Destination will not be able to tell those who have — or can they?

I guess that’s all I have to write for now. If you do find and read this letter and have the answers to those questions and we can somehow meet at the Destination when you get there, would you please do tell me about it?

Sincerely yours,

Your fellow traveler


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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