You Asked Me If I loved You

You asked me if I loved you:
love is not
a simple yes/no question.
Its multiplicity
belies it simplicity;
a four-lettered word –
it should be easy to say
light as the tongoues glide,
I love you
may be a lie
or the truth
deferred in time
revealed a peel at a time
as we grow
and learn
and try to understand
who we are
for what we are;
learn to walk
when our feet
are tight together
and tumble and fall
laugh and cry
and then sigh …
and still don’t give up
and try some more …

And so, do I love you?
Can I say I love you?
For love is easy
but its simlicity
belies its multiplicity.

Eki Akhwan
28 July 2013


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