The Truth Is Not in The Opinion

We all have opinions: about people, things, places …

Beware though, opinions are just that: things people believe based on their value judgment. They are not necessarily true or should be. They are just subjective perceptions, reactions, responses, judgments on matters a subject has come into contact with. They are a meeting point between the external and the internal ‘realities’.

Opinions may be substantiated by the so-called facts — in which case they’d become arguments, they say. This nominal change, however, does not make them any truer. They still are just a way of seeing, valuing, judging. The facts may be the same, but the arguments generated do not necessarily become so. The subject — what he believes — still has the control about what to make of them.

Opinions do not turn into truth either just because many people or even the majority hold them. Just as facts can’t make them any truer substantially, numbers cannot substantiate them either.

The truth, the whole truth, therefore, is not and cannot be in the opinions. It is somewhere out there — if this proverbial space we call ‘out there’ can be sufficiently substantiated, verified, depicted, sketched — as neither facts alone nor the subjects on their own can.

Truth — the truth — is elusive, has been, and might forever be so.


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