An Open Book With Illustrated Hard Cover

This is a tweet that I wrote three days ago on my timeline:

My life is an open book with an illustrated hard cover. 🙂

Those are the exact words, and smiley right after the dot.

If anyone should wonder what it means, it means what it means:

Like an open book, you can read me if you really take the efforts to go through the pages. I’m all over the places. But if the illustrated hard cover interests you more, it might get in the way. You’d get distracted, and you may stop there and admire the appearances without really knowing what’s inside — which may or may not be as admirable.

But I have put the illustrated hard cover in place to make sure that only those who have the genuine interest in me will know me.

Wait! I suppose that statement is for everyone? Or is it?


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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