Brackets and Limited Resources

Here is what I wrote on my Twitter timeline on November 10:

Live life to the fullest and be aware it is valuable because it is in between the brackets.

Consider it a counsel, an advice, a reminder to myself:

Indeed, anything that is limited — those put in between the brackets — are valuable, priceless; and our lives are among them. We live in between the brackets — the opening, our birth, and the closing, our death. In between, life hangs precariously, vulnerably, always in struggles of survival and maintenance against forces that try to limit its vibrancy and put an end to its aspirations (also aspiration) and dreams.

We realise of course that the end is inevitable, that however strenuous we are in defending life, it will always come to an end. But THE END is not, and should not, necessarily be a defeat. It is not the end itself that defines the victory or defeat; it is what transpires in between the beginning and the end — what you do when a gift as precious as life is given and the finite and inevitable end. The end is certain, but what you do before that certainty is what defines your existence, your defeat or victory.

So live life to the fullest and let the struggles define who you are.

Let us not forget.


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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