Carpe Diem! The Morning Won’t Last Forever

Some days we wake up in the morning feeling that this is the day! The spirit is there, and we welcome it as a blessing for the day that is to come. We wish it was like this everyday, every single one of it.

Unfortunately, we all know only too well, some mornings are not like that:

We languish in our bed, holding on to it — to the night, to the pleasant dreams that were cut off by the break of day; to the comfort of the blanket in a chilly morning, making the call of a new day a nuisance, perhaps because the day doesn’t look good or too threatening to attend to, or perhaps because we’re simply too tired, have become tired from treading the unrewarding days past. Perhaps. And so we wish the morning would last — hang in there as a thin curtain that shields us from the harsh realities of the day ahead, thin enough to peek into the night and its pleasant dreams, and hold on to the comfort of cuddly pillow.

Alas! The morning won’t last forever. And so is the day, and night. The round world keeps on rolling — leaving the old and welcoming the new, and with it, we roll too: some days are good, some days are bad, some days on top, some days at the bottom; And the bigger rotation will eventually phase us out to make ways for the new ones. Life’s like that!

Carpe diem! Grab the day, and roll with it; it doesn’t matter where it takes you — you can’t resist. You just can’t. It’s just about the way you make of it.

Eki Akhwan,
Warsaw, 15 December 2013


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