End of Year 2013 Reflection

I never care much about new year. It’s just another number added, a way of counting we created to understand our own passage in time and space. There’s nothing divine about the year — old or new. It is just a myth, a narrative that helps us understand the stories of our mortal existence.

With that understanding, the title of this note or post and what I am about to write in it are nothing more than that: an attempt to understand what has transpired over the past 365 days of my life.

These past 365 days — the ones grouped, called, and numbered 2013 in the Common Era calendar — have been mostly great and blessed times. First of all I’m thankful that I am still alive, ticking and doing things, playing my role the Great Designer has meant it to be. I believe whatever it is, I am not here for a vain reason of just being alive. I have a role to play in the Great Scenario, and my ability to fulfil that role and make contributions to the betterment of the System will be the subject of assessment in the afterlife.

2013 has been a year of many blessings for me in comparison to 2012, which was a year of tribulations and hazards. 2013 began with a positive note that has continued as a series of emerging hopes, optimism, and determination that turned around the gloomy outlook of eminent dangers and oblivion of the previous year (’eminent dangers’ and ‘oblivion’ are big words I know, but those were the briefest descriptions I could come up with to come close to the name of the roller coaster I caught myself in).

Patience, endurance, and a steadfast belief that God has meant nothing but good kept me moving and looking for the good in myself and what I can do to translate His benevolence so that good may once again radiate from and into me, casting away all the dark clouds that had prevented the light from shining from and into me.

The upheavals of 2012 has forced me to look into myself, learn the lessons and consequences of things I had taken lightly about life; the sunrise of 2013 has made me see again the road ahead to the unrealised dreams, the path that had been detoured by some evil distractions of undeserved and untimely pleasures.

The contrast of darkness and light of 2012 and 2013 has made me see more clearly who I am and what I am, what I have and can have, what I may and may not do.

The next 365 days may not be easy, but I’m looking forward to them with a renewed sense of determination: there might be break or make choices I have to make, but I shall have no regret making a concience-guided choice even if it means that I will have to endure hardship and uncertainties. God speed!


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