Uniqueness is what makes you stand out, not similarity, not copycating. Why then are you so afraid of becoming different and choose to ignore yourself?

Listen. Listen to the voices inside. Are they not you? Not your conscience?

Let there be roars out there, threatening to crush the confidence you have in yourself. Let there be thunders splitting the skies. But the you inside will always be you, because roars and thunders are outside — and that small whisper is yours, is inside you.

Stop before you think too much, raising to much of hell, questioning too much things unknown. Let there be secrets – as soft as the fog – that will make your eyes misty and your heart tender; let there be myths unpeeled that make you happy. Let there be the beginning without an end, for definity is mundane — because it stops everything that is supposed to move, like your soul that’s forever ethereal.

Discover no more, and just listen. Quietly.


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