Innocent Eyes

It’s nice to see the world with a pair of innocent eyes. It makes the world looks like a peaceful place where everyone is happy in their own places …

But the world is not, unfortunately. We all are struggling to make do with ourselves, let alone make peace with others — whose very same needs often get in the way of our own. Being vigilant therefore seems to be the only way to go — for our own sake, for our survival.

As a species and a member of a species, we are born to fight for own survival. Work with others is only possible in that light: to make our chance of surviving bigger and better. We’re intrinsically self-serving. Everyone is.

Therefore, after the initial years of innocence, we’ve got to learn to shed our innocence and put on a new pair of looking-glasses. We’ve got to learn what’s supposed to be ours, earn them, defend them against encroachment of any kinds. We’ve got to learn to negotiate with others so that they will not take us and what’s rightfully ours lightly and can arbitrarily trample upon them. We’ve got to learn to build powers of our own in order to be respected and to be taken into account.

No creatures like us are supposed to surrender our own fate to others in the name of benevolence — for benevolence is never without any clothing. Bear benevolence is subject to ridicules and robbery. People who have their benevolence out and bare in the rain (or sun) are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by others.They will be weakened and left with nothing.

That’s a way of thinking.

So save the innocent eyes for the most intimate moments, with the most intimate of circles, when and in which being naked is desirable and pleasurable. 🙂

That’s all for now.


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