Does A Blog Have To Be Serious?

Does a blog have to be serious?

Hell, no!

There are certainly quite a few serious blogs out there, but being serious is not the first requirement for blogging. In fact, according to this Wikipedia entry, a blog, first of all, is a place where informal discussions are supposed to be taking place.

Informal is the adjective that needs to be underlined. The topic written on it may be substantial (may not be either), but the forum is an informal one: it’s supposed to be of “a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style, manner, or nature.” That’s what’s the dictionary says.

Being informal is important for a blog because it’s an open-access public forum where everyone is welcome to join and take part. It’s a democratic marketplace. Serious (I mean liturgical and academic-text-bookish) blogs tend restrict participation and accessibility and turn the blogosphere into just another exclusive club of the elites — there are too many of that already out there, turning the blogosphere into one could almost certainly tilt the balance over to those groups that are already too heavily represented in terms of power (you know what I mean). They have already got their own centuries-old prestigious institutions there; let the blog be ours. 🙂

Blogs are the the forum of the masses and, like any other popular fora, it should remain true to its characters of being ‘chattery’, informal, and perhaps even (though many of us would not like this) ‘trivial’ and banal.

Keep it informal even if you’re talking about serious things. Let it be accessible, let the blog be forever a public forum. In it we have all our interests — the popular.

Enough of rambling for the day. Let’s get serious. 😀


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