My brain is a bit drained today. So I’ll just post this picture that I took on January 6th this year. “Sale” is the title I gave to it.

Sale Is Tiny

Reading the photograph:

Look how ridiculously slim is “Sale” — so slim I could hardly imagine any humans this slim, tiny, … fragile. The slightest of wind can almost bend it or blow it away.

But to think of it, isn’t it how sale is supposed to be like?

Sales are supposedly to cut prices below the “normal” — and if “Sale” is supposed to be a representative of it, then isn’t this how it’s supposed to look?

“Sale” is so tiny, and abnormal. Someone has to cut its normalcy down to the unbelievable to look attractive enough.

“Sale”, like any other sales, is fragile and fleeting. It can’t be put on the “show” every time — though many would want to, if only for a trick that benefits some and appears to benefit many. It’s an attraction. And like any other attractions, one put on too frequently and too accessibly will lose its charisma.

More of my eclectic photo works are at Suka-Suka at the sidebar.

Eki Akhwan,
19 January 2014


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