Why Do We Love Traveling?

[Might be the unconventional way of answering.]

Why do we love traveling?

I don’t mean ‘we’ as you and I who love traveling, everybody else who don’t excluded. I mean WE as everybody without exception, even those who claim themselves to be a homebody.

Now, if you don’t get what I mean, traveling is usually defined as making a journey, particularly that of some length. That’s what the dictionary says more or less. There is no mention about distance or whether it has to be physical. A journey can be physical: the actual moving and going or going about with a particular destination of some sort. But it can also be non-physical, mental, imaginary. Watching television, reading books, or a plain day-dreaming can also be considered as traveling, can’t they?

The latter may not be the conventional sort of traveling that most people have in mind about the word. But I think we can agree that those things I mentioned can also be considered as traveling. So, in that sense, aren’t we all travellers?

Even those who consider home to be their havens — the world out there being too dangerous — do, I suspect, wander from time to time, if only mentally, with or without the help of a medium (like television or book). They think, imagine, dream of places — real or imaginary, factual or fictitious — just to get away from the boredom and stupor and tediousness of the here and now.

That’s the ethereal in us driving. We’re not a mundane being in the first place. The ether in us gets restive being put in static —

And THAT, I think, is because we’re heavenly: the bodies we have, and the earth we live in, is too small for us, even after we have explored all (or nearly all). We’re always looking for a new frontier; we’re always looking to heavens — where we came from.

The Holy Quran says heaven is as vast as the earth and skies. And that’s where we came from, where we want to return: home — from this tiny dust that makes our bodies and earth, from the restrictive and constrictive space and time that become our temporary shelter.

We’re always looking to heaven, a place and time that has no borders, no limits, and eternal.


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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