Not A Politician

I am not a politician, and have not aspired to be one. Not now — might not be, ever (unless some strange crossing of fate have me make a detour into it).

But I am not apolitical. I speak my mind, and I speak out whenever I see injustices, or whenever someone, somewhere, is trying to trample someone else’s rights, including those of mine.

I speak out whenever there is a beneficial thing in the public sphere that need to be done but are not done and nobody is doing anything about it or care about it.

I speak my mind to appeal to, to educate and to inform those who I see have not done right by others.

I speak out so that my voice be heard, my existence made known, and I be taken into account. I am not a nobody — Even if I am small and insignificant, I am still a human being, and I’ve been trying hard to be useful, to be meaningful. I may fade out into nothing when I am gone, but as long as I live, I AM a somebody.

Those things are all political, and I am political, though I am not a politician.

Life is full of adversaries and challenges. Survival is not just a go-along thing. Everyone is trying to survive, and each of them is clamouring for a piece of right they think they are entitled to. Sometimes we brush against each other, one another, and a compromise is an easy thing; but often a collision is unavoidable, and we have to fight and fight hard for what is rightfully ours. Politics is an everyday thing — soft or hard, it’s a way of negotiating our ways through life.

I am not a politician, but I practice politics. It’s a way of life, a way of ensuring our survival, our meanings in our short existence.

I am not a politician, just a practitioner of it. Just like everybody is: you, I, and everyone in between.

Eki Akhwan,
24 June 2014


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