How Are We Going To Heal As A Nation?

I am worried. Apprehensive.

There’s so much hatred, so much untruth, so much ignorance and blindness … So many foul-mouthed people out there who speak from their guts with so little brain in their heads.

And they call this democracy?

Tearing their own limbs and throwing them at each other: their right hand trying to stifle their left hand, the left hand trying to mutilate the right hand; their feet kicking at each other, trying to hurt, and bleed, and stop the other from performing its functions, its duties to the one and the same body.

Don’t they know it’s themselves they are hurting?

And what for?

The right hand “thinks” the left is useless, evil, and should be severed and rendered paralyzed because it’s a right-handed body; the left is adamantly resisting, saying the right has been too dominant and unjust.

Don’t they know that the body whose left limbs paralyzed is only half a body? And without the right limbs it still is only half a body?

The right needs the left as much as the left needs the rights. Let them both exist — let them both perform their functions so that the body may be strong and complete and may walk upright and strong and stride to its goals and destiny. One without the other will make the body lame and be a laughing stock of others.

How are we going to heal as a nation when all this is over if it’s hatred and untruth that we are throwing at each other?

How are we going to heal as a nation if we are hurting each other so deeply without restraints?

Let the head be the guide. Let the heart, the conscience, be the judge.

Left and right, we’re one and of the same one body.

Restrain. Let the head and the heart work, not the guts, not the limbs. We have right and left limbs, but we only have one head, one heart, one nation.

It’s the head, the heart that make us live. The limbs are only accessories that perform what the head and the heart want us to do.

Eki Akhwan,
26 June 2014


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