My Understanding of God

I am a moslem. And although Islam is a faith that I inherited from my parents, I have come to believe — through instruction and learning — that its conception of God is the most rational and uncomplicated among those of any other major religions. I believe in the absolute oneness of Allah and His perfection. I believe that He is similar to nothing and comparable to nothing.

Because Allah is mukhalafatuhu lil hawadis (similar to nothing and comparable to nothing), it is impossible to imagine Allah’s essence. He is The Unknowable. He is more complex than and beyond anything we have known and yet to know, more complex than and beyond anything we have learned and yet to learn; He is more complex than what we are and/or any creatures known and yet to know; He is more complex than the universe (the space and time) we live in and any other universes that we might have yet to discover or learn. Indeed His greatness is beyond what we can perceive or learn. Our language and mind are too limited and insufficient to be able to describe Him, let alone to “know” Him.

We know Allah only from what He has revealed to us (directly or indirectly) and only that much. But I believe He must be much, much more than that, for if He was only what He has revealed, then He would only be as great as the revelation (which is technically only one of His creatures; God’s words are not God Himself or His essence).


Anyone who claims and feels in absolute terms that they are representing God (in words and/or deeds) based only on what little they know and/or is revealed to them through His messenger without having enough ‘space of tolerance’ for their own weaknesses and for His greatness beyond what they know and/or what has been revealed to them are in danger of trespassing the Divine claims and rights that are His and His only.

Wallahu a’lam bishawab.


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