The Noisy and Claustrophobic World of Social Media

Having a conversation is easy when two or three or a small group of people are involved. It’s even easier if the people you’re having the conversation with are connected to you in one way or another or share the same interests with you.

Now imagine, you have a thousand ‘friends’ in one room and everyone is trying to get their voices heard, trying to talk to the unspecified you, trying to engage you and put you in their sphere of influence. How noisy would that be? How claustrophobic?

Now imagine too, the room and those ‘friends’ go with you wherever you go: your bedroom, your toilet, your car, your workplace. They can ping you virtually anytime anywhere, and they are even virtually by your side when you’re doing your private and most intimate things (go pee/poo, having sex with your spouse?). How annoying would that be? How intrusive? You virtually have no private space anymore, no privacy.

Yet, despite all those claustrophobic, noisy, and intrusive annoyance, you’re hooked! Not only don’t you want to get rid of them, you’re even inviting them more and more. Isn’t that funny (if you consider it to be funny at all)? Where have your sanity and decency gone (if you still consider yourself to be sane and decent at all)? Isn’t that ironic?

Without a good sense of humour, all these reminders might make you mad. But think of it! Is it not the very situation many of us are in?

Despite its apparent truth and irony, I doubt if many of us would voluntarily want to get out of it anytime soon. The social media are in us all and have become a comfort zone reality. To be forced to disconnect with them would probably cause a considerable feeling of loss, of discomfort (like those times when you’re out of touch with the gadgets that connect you with it).

We might, however, ask ourselves what has gone wrong with us? Why are we doing what we are doing despite its apparent irrationality?

I’ll let you answer these questions by yourself as I do with mine (you see, like you, I am also a social media guy).

© Eki Akhwan
3 January 2014


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