It’s 7th Anniversary!

I’ve left this blog unattended for quite a while. More than three months – the last time I wrote in it was at the end of February. My, my, it was bad, wasn’t it? What a bad father I must have been to leave my brain child for three months without any care. 😦

Later this afternoon, out of nowhere, however, I felt that I should give it a peek, and perhaps even write a line or two … And guess what?

I saw a cup icon on the top left corner of the blog! It’s a notification from the WordPress that my blog – yes, this blog of mine you’re reading – is SEVEN years old today. I didn’t even remember my own blog’s anniversary (now that makes it double bad of me 😦 I know).

Happy anniversary, Eee Kyu Says! I am sorry for leaving you for so long … and thank you for the faithful wait, and for the pages you’ve kept ready for me to write whatever I have I mind, whatever I feel, whatever I need to get out and communicate with others.


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