Aren’t we all disposable? Isn’t everything?

Any articles, things, object are. And if you have the courage to think just a little bit deeper, everyone is.

It’s only a matter of time. Some things have longer lifetimes than others; everyone is useful until they are no longer so.

Everything will eventually wear out and break down. Everything. And so is everyone. They wear off, wear out, break down.

Everything is created for a purpose, function; everyone for a mission, task, function. But nothing and nobody is exclusive in their functions. What can be done by one thing can also be done by others of the same kind. What can be performed by one can also be performed by others who have the same qualifications. Everything is shared.

When one thing fails to work, something else – whether of the same kind or that with similar function – will take over or will be used in its stead. When someone fails to perform, somebody else will.

Perhaps The Designer has put it that way – how things work in this ephemeral world.

Sometimes disposability doesn’t even have to wait for a disfunction to take hold. We can throw away things that are still perfectly functional only because we want to or because it is desirable. Similarly, an individual can be dispensed with, dismissed, not because he or she has performed his or her mission, or has outlasted his or her intended function. Some fruits fall before they are ripe.

Isn’t everything disposable? Aren’t we all?


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