Losing Time

What’s worse than losing time?

You could probably hardly think of any. Time is irreplaceable. It can never come back or turn back.

But what if … you have given yourself, your time and the deeds and sacrifices worthy of the irreplaceable time, and are unappreciated? What if your time – the only and limited (life)time you have and have sacrificed – is forgotten?

Only God knows.

Without God, or if God were blind and ignorant, you’d crash, obliterated.

That’s how important God is, or your belief in Him is, or your conviction that He’s never asleep and that He is aware of everything you do and that He takes notes of every deed and that He is most benevolent, most merciful and most just, and that He will reward you for what you are.

Is it not a reason enough to submit ourselves to the Divine?

I am sorry for this kind of musing. I just feel I need it right now.


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