From Nothing to Something, from Nobody to Somebody

Everything starts from nothing, everybody from nobody. And if life is a large circle, everything will eventually becomes nothing and everybody nobody.

We’re all going to return to where we came from as is everything else. So why should we be afraid of losing what we have gained in our journey, the pieces that we have collected, when eventually they all mean nothing?

What matters most is the journey, the stories we all make, the smaller circles of beginnings and ends that together make the chains of the grand narrative that we believe in.

I was once a nobody before I am somebody. And if the end has now come to meet the beginning, will I not be somebody again? It’s just a cycle that ends a chain and begins another. It’s my narrative. All I have to do is move, like the Mover wants me to move. It’s the O’s orchestra and the dance of the Semesta.


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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