End of Year Note 2015

As a matter of habit, I do not usually celebrate the change of years like many other people do. I think I have written about it a number of times in my blog posts. But it doesn’t mean that I am not aware of it or acknowledge its significance and meanings. I just think that it is just a way – out of many – of counting and marking the time. There are many calendar systems out there. Each of them has been created as a way of organising the passing of time so that we can go about managing our affairs, and name, mark and commemorate events that have transpired in our lives. There is nothing inherently divine or sacred about the change of years because the counting and naming are our own creation. It is not universal and can not be made universal either. Calendar systems are always contingent upon the conditions of the group of people who have created and/or agreed to use them.

All that aside, the year 2015 of the CE calendar has generally been a good cycle of 365 days for me. I am particularly thankful that my economy has generally been a lot better than the previous two or three years. A nagging problem, which had remained unsolved and been a heavy burden for many years, has also shown signs of being resolved. I am relieved in a way, although the resolution also means that I have to face a set of new challenges that may not be easy. I am looking forward to meeting them with improved energy and optimism though, now that I can begin writing a new chapter of my life in a new cleaner slat of paper.

Although there was some rough terrain that I had to navigate, some that had me down at times, 2015 has generally also been a more peaceful year. Again, I am very thankful for it.

The year 2016 I think is going to be a more challenging year. There are some uncertainties ahead as a result of some fundamental changes that took place this year. But with a stronger determination and the right kinds of efforts, I surely hope, I will be able to pull it through and that it will be a turning point to a better future.

Happy New Year 2016!


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