Mobiling My Blog

I haven’t posted quite as regularly as I did for a while now.  Reason: Busy!

As cliche as it sounds,  being busy is quite a legitimate reason  not to blog,  particularly if you have a day job and blogging is not a profession that earns you a living. Part of the reason of the reason is – oh my,  what kind of sentence is this?  –  that your job has a life of its own: it demands your full attention,  your time, your energy; it feeds on you as you feed on it.  You may sneak a few minutes from it (which can actually be an hour or more) to give your blogging desire a fulfillment. But it sounds like you’re being irresponsible or not a good employee –  which of course will not make your boss happy.  And you know what an unhappy boss can do to make you feel the same.

Another thing about working is that you tend to be on the move quite a bit. You can move about within the premises of your work place or out and afield. You can even sit still but the invisible part of you is busy turning things around, thinking,  planning,  strategising.

Of course you have a scheduled break,  and working hours have their brackets.  But then who would want to remain behind the desk or open a computer during the break or after a day’s work? Doubtless there are some relentless souls who would do just that.  But for many,  a break is a break.

I can go on with this a little bit more. But the point is this: I have just installed the WordPress App on my smartphone and I hope this will help me to remain connected to my blog.  It may even help me, so I hope,  to get tickled a little bit to write and post more regularly.  After all I tweak and play with my smartphone even during the break and when I’m on the move (like when I’m on the train or bus) and find it relaxing. Why not make it a time for blogging as well?

Now that I have made my blogging mobile,  I can do it from anywhere and whenever I feel like doing it. Good news?  🙂


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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