Eight Years of Flying with WordPress

This morning WordPress sent me a message telling me that today’s the 8th anniversary of my ‘flying’ (it actually used this word) with it. It’s a pleasant reminder of course – without it, I wouldn’t have even remembered the date! It’s one of the things I like about WordPress: it takes notes of important milestones and data about my blog and tell me about them.

I know they may just be some of the automated things its robots do.  I can’t imagine a real person or persons actually doing this,  taking notes of important things about each and every blog there’s on WordPress –  there are millions of them! Besides,  it’s the kind of job robots do best. Still,  receiving a note like that is something that makes my day.  Thanks,  WordPress!

Btw, my WordPress blog has not always been like this. My first blog on WordPress was a photo blog. It’s one of the places where I showcased my photography works (I also had three other hosted at Blogger! So you can imagine how serious and busy I was with photography). Back then Instagram was not around yet. I don’t remember exactly when I decided to change it and made my WordPress blog  exclusively a place for my verbal expressions. It must be about five years ago.

Many things have happened in those five years or more. I have written and posted nearly 500 posts –  mostly essays, but also lecture notes and poems.  There were months when I could write regularly and posted almost every day; there was also a long stretch of time when I posted almost nothing. Some posts have been read,  liked, and commented by many, while others have remained more like personal notes because not many were interested in reading them.

In those five years or more,  this blog has also seen days of fame when what I wrote became a source of lively discussions. Frankly speaking,  those days were  not only exciting but also tense because some readers were quite vehement in their opposition to the ideas I wrote.

Blogging has been an important part of my life for the past eight years and I think it will remain important for many more years ahead.


2 pemikiran pada “Eight Years of Flying with WordPress

  1. “It’s the kind of job robots do best”, haha, yes it is…
    In recent time, people are moving from blog to vlog (video blog), but there are still many things that irreplaceable from this static personal touch. So, lets keep blogging! xD

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