A Perfect Way to Live in an Imperfect Word

The world is a difficult place for a perfectionist.  And there’s only one reason for it: It is imperfect by default.

It is not a word  created only for you. It’s a shared world we live in.  What’s perfect for you is not necessarily perfect for others,  and vice versa. Therefore,  tolerance –  and I mean a lot of it  – is necessary. We  need to tolerate many things that should not be simply because what should  not be for us may be what others think should be. The struggle is constant because each of us only knows so much and has so much that without sharing,  cooperating,  and tolerance,  there’s nothing much left to be happy about.

It is in sharing that we find happiness,  in cooperating fulfilment,  and in tolerance peace –  both with ourselves and others.

I don’t believe in those who are selfish and greedy, who belittle and exclude others, and
impose on others their views and values; those who speak and tell without listening and caring.

Perfection is not the possession of an individual nor is happiness. They are the properties of the  community of individuals –  the whole and not the units or the elements. Just like the universe is the whole of interlocking elements, each functioning in support of each other and receiving from each other what they cannot in or  by themselves sufficiently make or fulfill, then it is us.

Share, cooperate, and tolerate –  this is the only perfect way to live in an imperfect world, the only way to access happiness.

EA –  9 June 2016


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