Time of Change

My father once told me that I was good at explaining things and (re) telling stories. That’s why he suggested, and later insisted, that I become a teacher. He believed that I would make a good teacher,  or perhaps even writer. I didn’t want to be a teacher then. I wanted to be a journalist. But many years later, through twists and turns of events, I indeed became a teacher. I still am and I’ve never regretted it.

I think I am a good teacher in many ways. My educational background plays an important part in it,  of course. But what I brought into it is also essential. My father was right.  I’m good at explaining things and making difficult or complicated concepts easier to understand.

Part of that skill, I think, owes to the fact that I’m very verbal: I am dexterous with words and good at telling stories. I love to illustrate an abstract  concept with real or imaginary characters and their actions. They can usually help make difficult or abstract concepts more imaginable and alive. I  love using metaphors, similes, and wits too because they help bridge the gap between what we know and what we want to know.  In general I tend to structure my thinking narratively –  putting everything in the order of a story.

Now as I am thinking of changing careers, I have to keep those strengths in mind. But I also have to consider what my weaknesses and opportunities are – the so called SWAT, they say.

Part of my weaknesses is that I  am a middle-aged man now, and I am not good at following orders or feel happy about having to fit in a bureaucratic
‘madness’.  I’m basically an independent thinker and a free soul who likes creative endeavors.

I cannot possibly apply for a traditional teaching job, certainly not one that will have me do the same things I’ve been doing in a similar kind of place. I can probably still teach in a progressive or unconventional kind of school or setting that will allow me to be creative and independent. I can probably also be a learning director,  manager, or facilitator. Unfortunately at the moment there aren’t many places that are like that here. So I may have to keep this option shelved in a safe place for a while.

Another option I have is to embrace what to this day has only been a sideline profession and become a full-time translator. The probability is better with this option.  The talent, the experiences,  and the reputation are all there and ready to tap. All I need is a better self marketing strategy to support it.

In combination with my other talents and experiences,  I may also become a writer,  editor, or even an independent journalist or content producer. I like the idea although I may still have to learn a lot of things about the trades.

The time of change is always a turbulent time,  I know. Pivotal decisions have to be made often without the comfort of knowing what we need to know. Certainties are not the order of most things in this world; therefore we need faith in things that are beyond what we can comfortably understand: we need God,  we need to believe in the power of prayers,  in how the universe works even though we don’t understand everything about it.


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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