Sometimes being silent is the only choice you have in moments when you are most vulnerable.

Silence, like a cave, is a refuge that gives you the protection you need from the unwanted elements in unwanted times.

It is in silence that things become clear. It is in silence that irrelevant noise get filtered out. Silence gives you a chance to hear your own true voices bubbling from deep within the rock of your own existence. Silence gives you an opportunity to reflect and retrace the courses you have taken in your life and see what went wrong with them, what you can learn from them and what you can do to piece together a fresh course from the rubbles of your past experiences.

Silence is a time to slow down, to sit and meditate. Silence is a time to reconnect with yourself and what matters most in your life.

Silence is all there is when you feel susceptible and weak and unsafe … It’s all there is until you find the strength and conviction in yourself.


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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