My New Year’s Resolution: Learning More Foreign Languages

New year’s celebration is a ritual. Like any other rituals, it has its own elements. One of them is, for many, the making of resolutions – the things that we intend to do or want accomplish within the cycle of 365 days.

It’s 2017, day nine. There are 351 days left to the year. What are your resolutions? What do you plan to do or intend to achieve?


In the next 365 days (well, as of today, 351), I resolve to:

  • learn two more foreign languages (French and Spanish) to the level of at least B1 (lower intermediate).

That’s it! That’s the only one I can think of at the moment.

Only one?

Well, not exactly. There are other things that I want to continue doing like Facebook fasting, which I have done for more or less a year now. There are also other resolutions that I’d rather not share publicly.

I began relearning French in November after I found a free and exciting language learning app on the Internet. To my surprise, I have learned a lot more than I thought I would when I began. And I got hooked to it.

I added Spanish course just this week. I’ve always been interested in Spanish. Sound-wise, I think it’s one of the sexiest languages in the world. But that’s not the only reason. Spanish is also one of the most widely spoken languages and, because of its root, has a lot of similarities with French. I hope this will make it easier for me to learn both at the same time.

Do you want to know what the name of the application is?

It’s Duolingo!

So if you happen to be using the same app and learning the same languages as I am, perhaps we can get in touch and follow each other on the app so that we can compare our progress and perhaps practice together on or off line.




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