Social Media Diet Is Not Equal to Information Diet

I’ve been quite successful with social media diet. Except for Instagram, which I still check nearly everyday (because I like photography), I have not spent as much time as I used to with my Facebook and Twitter.

I scraped Facebook app from my mobile devices some months ago. Now I can only check it when I’m home and open my computer. I haven’t missed it. Not a bit.

I still check my Twitter every now and then, especially when I feel the need to write a reflective statement about an issue that has been percolating in my mind, or record and share a thought or idea that is suddenly upwelling from the deep down of my consciousness. But that’s about all I do with Twitter. It’s never been too engaging for me and I don’t think it’s going to change for any petty reasons sooner or later.

Having reduced my social media consumption doesn’t mean that I have been deprived of information. On the contrary, I think I have been able to consume (digest) a healthier kind of information – both in quantity and, more importantly, quality. I can pick and choose what kind of information I want to have, from what sources, and in what amount.

Just like foods, information can be junk or healthy, modified  or natural, synthetic or organic, tainted or hygienic, poisonous or nutritious, destructive to your mental health or nourishing your intellectual and emotional growth.

Social media, I think, are like junk foods. They are all kinds of things: cheap, unfiltered, hygienically questionable, supersized and addictive. They may feel fulfilling at first, but overtime they are destroying you from inside without you being aware of it.

Instead of engaging with the social media, now I read more newspapers, magazines and books. I listen to certain programs on the radio too – mostly mind-engaging programs on foreign radios. I like certain shows on the BBC and NPR. I don’t watch television, haven’t done it for many years. But I watch YouTube. As with the newspapers, magazines and the radio, I get to choose what I want to watch too. There are some favorite channels that I like such as TED Talks and The School of Life. I subscribe to some educational channels too. I don’t consume junks, only what I consider worth my time.

In general, being on social media diet has made me feel somewhat more in control of my inner peace and well-being. I don’t get agitated, provoked,  or irritated as much as I used to when I was still hooked up to the social media.

I intend to keep my level of social media engagement this way and hope many will do the same.


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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