A Poem of Courage

I hate to be weak

or appear weak

when adversaries are at the gate,

ready to jump on me

and eat me raw;

and laugh at me

 and my miseries

 and misfortunes.

No! I have to stay strong, stand strong,

on the two feet that God has given me,

and the dignity he has bestowed upon me –

son of Adam and Eve.

No! No one can take that away from me –

From the day the gate’s opened

to the day it’s closed,

I am the sole guardian of my own fate:

With my own two feet, arms, hands, ears and eyes

With a single head and heart 

I have the best of armies

A formidable general and a sagacious council.

I shall defend my life

and its dignity

and I shall not perish 

but in a struggle that that’s worth the life I have been given.