Upside Down

In an upside down world, the day becomes night, and the night becomes the day; the sky becomes the earth, and the earth becomes the sky; the dreams becomes realities, the realities becomes the dreams — such that they call nightmares.

In an upside down world, the dark becomes the light, and the light becomes the dark. All good peoples become bad, and all bad peoples become good.

There are no smart people, or wise, only fools pretending to be smart and wise.

In an upside down world, people don’t work during the day, they sleep, and then work during the night, which has now become their day. They don’t work hard because hard work is only for the slaves; hedonism in the norm — it’s what’s make them free.

In an upside down world, the entertainment becomes the day to day chores, and the chores become an occasional reluctant getaway.

In an upside down world, leaders are but the servants of money; and money and its madness, its every whim, become the de-facto leader.

There aren’t any laws if wisdom is what they should be; they are nothing more than pragmatism dedicated to the whim of the time.

In an upside down world, God has become the servant of the learned, and the learned has claimed the divine throne for themselves, claiming every rights that should be His and His alone.

In the upside down world, what’s right has turned wrong, and what’s wrong have become right.

Let the dreams last till the morning wakes us all up and reality claims the day once more.